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Traffic Survey Results

Traffic Monitoring Survey Results
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1. Introduction

Middridge Residents have long been concerned about the Volume of Traffic passing through the Village. In particular, there appears to have been a recent increase in the number of large lorries passing through the Village; it is believed that this is due to the recent imposition of a 7.5 ton Weight Limit on Vehicles using the road through School Aycliffe Village.

In order to quantify the scale of the problem, Middridge Parish Council decided to organise a Traffic Monitoring Survey, as follows:-

2. Survey Format

The Survey was undertaken on Tuesday, 20th July 2021. Volunteers, located near the centre of the Village, recorded the number of Vehicles passing them in either direction, in one hour time periods between 7.00 am and 7.00 pm. Vehicles were categorised as follows:-

(a) Cars, Small Vans & Motorcycles.

(b) Large (“Transit”) Vans & Vehicles Towing.

(c) Buses & Coaches.

(d) Small Lorries.

(e) Medium (17 ton) Lorries.

(f) Articulated (34 ton) Lorries.

3. Survey Results

The Survey Results are summarised and analysed in the associated “Traffic Monitoring Survey Results” (Microsoft ‘Excel’) Spreadsheet.

A total of 4,770 motorised Vehicles passed through Middridge Village in the 12 hour period covered by the Survey, an average of about 400 per hour.

Medium and Large Lorries only constitute 2.7% of the total Traffic. Thus excluding these Vehicles with a 7.5 ton Weight Limit, although desirable, would not significantly reduce the Volume of Traffic through the Village.

The Peak Traffic Volume occurs between 4.00 and 6.00 pm (Afternoon/Early Evening Rush-hour). Interestingly there is no evidence of a corresponding Morning Rush-hour

NOTE – it had been hoped to organise the Survey on a day with normal School Traffic, but unfortunately this proved impractical due to the short notice available. Thus the effects of School Traffic, and the Traffic Volume at other times of the day, are unknown.

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